Shuks Industries began as a small talk idea sinking a couple of beers back in 2018 in the small town of Yamba in NSW (look it up if you haven't been there, it's epic!). I told my mates and family I was going to create something big, something PHENOMENAL.

Since then it has become my passion, my ambition and my dream to create a fun, exciting and unique brand for my customers to feel good in. 

Since developing Shuks Industries, I have expanded my ideas far beyond just a swimwear label. I am wanting to create a movement. A brand that people can relate to, smile about and are excited to be apart of. I want Shuks Industries to make a positive global impact on all of it's customers, those who are less fortunate and those who are looking for a good old fashioned helping hand. We're here to make a change. Are you with us?

Josh O'Brien - Founder Shuks Industries



Our mission is to create a movement that eliminates fake expectations, inspires others to create a positive change and encourage people to be their authentic selves in every area of their life.

Shuks Industries – The Good Vibes Crew



Positive culture:

We as a team create a positive culture for our own environment and the Crew that we serve. 

Encourage and support:

Inspire our customers to never give up.

Live by example:

Live each day with purpose, with freedom, through action.

Be amazing:

Be a culture that people want to be like, feel like and live like.

Lead with innovation:

Be the leaders of our industry by creating what others cannot.

Be unique:

We do not follow in footsteps, we create them.